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Just What I Needed!

October 1, 2009

My day to day life is pretty much the same all of the time. Yes, the weekends add a little more but 90% of it is the same as a Monday or any other day. I guess it’s just the life of a mom with toddlers. I rarely know what day it is, all I know is when it’s time to eat or time for a nap. I’ve gotten pretty lost in all of it. Lost in the monotony. Last week was a little different.

We were out of beer and I didn’t want to cook. I did what we do every now and then, get a Take ‘n Bake and drop by the grocery store for some beer. While I was checking out, the cashier was gracious enough to ask for my ID. 33 and lookin’ at least 3 years younger. Hells yeah. I ain’t gonna lie, I was struttin’ it a bit when I got home.

I went to get my eyebrows done and the lady told me that I had awesome skin, very tight. Really? Sweet! And all this time I thought my previous eyebrow lady was lying to me.

A couple of days later, as I was in the locker room at the gym a lady says to me, “I was thinking about you yesterday.”

Huh? I have seen this lady a total of maybe 3 times in my life. Our only other encounter was when she complemented me on my bag. I had thanked her and told her how much it meant to me since I had designed and made it one late night. Then we told each other to have a good workout.

“Yeah,” she said, ” I was watching this show and I thought about you.” That then lead to a short conversation.

But as I was working out, I had to smile. Some random stranger noticed me and thought of something I would like. Wow. And here I’ve been feeling pretty invisible.

A few days later I went to my laser hair removal appointment. As Cori is doing her stuff, I am trying to nervously chat while she is working away with her little laser gun. Then she says, “I’m gonna miss you coming in. Some people you just don’t want to leave.” Well gosh Cori, thanks.

After those few pick me ups I felt like I could rule the world.

Then I had to get more beer. (Yea, we go through a lot in this house.) I had the same cashier. There were two people in front of me. Very obviously older, like grandparent old. She asked both of them for their ID.

First bubble shattered.

Ahhhh fuck it, I’m still gonna tell myself she asked for my ID because I look so young.

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