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Da Boy.

September 25, 2009

Earlier today, I was walking past the new skate park that is currently under construction with Blake. The kid claims he wants to be a “skater dude”. I just tell him, “Cool man, but, you know, you ARE only THREE.”

On top of the skate park excitement, he was in absolute and complete awe of the bulldozers and forklifts, cement whatnots, (and whatnot). Now I FINALLY get what people say when they talk about a boy being, well, a BOY. He watched the dirt getting pushed around, dirt being picked up, dumped out, and all that other manly-testosterone-hai on your chest stuff and screetched with delight (and I won’t mention the fact that he was literally grabbing his pelvic regions while screetching)… Mommy just doesn’t get it, this boy stuff. After a half hour I had to threaten his life and peel him away from the orange construction fence and out of view from the industrial equipment because he just couldn’t get enough.

This mothering of a boy thing… I’m truly still learning.



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