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October 1, 2009

My three year old son, Lil B has decided to occasionally address his parents by their first names, instead of mommy and daddy. Just started happening recently. Anyway, earlier in the evening, while trying to get my attention, he walked into the kitchen where I was standing and said, “Grace!! I need to show you sumpin!”

So later that evening…

Situation: Lil B in the upstairs bathtub while I, his mother, wash my face at the sink. He looks up at me and says,

Blake: “I love you Grace.”

And then I heard a wet plop. I think it was the sound of a chunk of my heart melting onto the floor as I laughed with amazement at the random things my kid says and how stinking fantastic it is being a mom.

…or, should I say, how stinkin’ fantastic it is being “GRACE”.
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