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Hate Mail. Heh.

September 26, 2009

I’ve had hate mail before.

I’ve never published it though because typically it’s directed to single mothers. I can take it but I don’t want to hurt your feelings so they never see the light of day.

But today’s piece of hate mail – courtesy of Michelle M. (who can be reached at – is targeted directly at me, and me alone – so, WHOOPPEEE!, I can publish it.

Subject line: I heard about your website and now my thoughts, as a woman you are a disgrace to the gender of women in this country.

Let me tell you the things that you are:

1. You are weak. Okay.

2. a mother whose child will grow up embarrassed by the things they have so willingly (for money) put on the internet about his life. He is so young yet he will soon come to despise the fact that you have placed his life all over the internet for all to read. (Now, because of you, he can never even try to love his father). If I were in this for money I would have thrown in the towel after the first year without a dime of profit. I write here and share my story here because if I can help one – just one single mom – avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past than I’ll sleep easier at night. And if I can inspire one person to enjoy every moment and just be… then, again, mission accomplished.And if Blake ever wants me to stop writing about him, I will and there will be no questions asked. But by then he’ll have his entire life on Facebook anyway so it won’t really matter an this blog will probably be in a “look how they used to use the internet” museum.

3. VENGEFUL. Against who?

4. a weak women. Hmmmm… okay. Would you like to meet me in that alley over there? I could give you a grammar/spelling lesson too 😉

5. a weak mother. Gotcha.

6. someone who sounds retarded on every video you take of yourself and your son. (ie: living room date and video for ford fiesta)…they are sub-par and you sound illiterate, lost and stupid. Your son picks his nose: not funny but actually disgusting. You obviously have not taught him manners but only contribute to a rebellious attitude. You are rebellious. So is your son. I think it’s funny that you think a kid picking his nose is disgusting. Your children (if you have any) must be loads of fun. Rebels? Yep, I’ve been trying to talk to Blake about that. He’s just been so rebellious lately with the whole nose picking thing. Maybe it’s because I let him drive my car the other day and let him smoke a cigarette. And you should see my tattoo, it’s like an inch high. So rebellious. In fact, one day he and I are going to lead a revolution. I hope that lastsentence gave you a heart attack.

7. a “proud woman” who only perpetuates disgrace and hardships towards women. As a feminist, I see you only as contributing to the weak factors of women in this world. I think you should look up the definition of perpetuate and then read my blog because that just doesn’t make sense at all, but whatever… you must enjoy that crack you’re smoking.

8. selfish. (you make money on this website but you only create stories of hardship, loss and pain for the gender of women. Please see #2. If I’m selfish for anything it’s that I monopolize my readers’ time with my dribble.

9. egotistical. (for some reason) That one hurt.

10. STUPID and once again A DISGRACE TOWARDS WOMEN. That one really hurt. Now you’re starting to piss ME off.

and I add a bonus:

11. A STEREOTYPICAL WOMEN WHO HAS *OBVIOUSLY* BEEN HURT (and cannot get over it nor grow past it). LEARN AND MOVE AND ON AND BECOME A ROLE MODEL FOR WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY….NOT A VICTIM!!!! I can’t recall ever calling myself a victim and if I have, please show me an example. If I’m a victim it’s to my own poor judgment in men. I blame myself for my decision in choosing my ex-husband but I would do it all over again to be where I am today, with a three-year-old sidekick who makes my heart leap every time I see him.

And I add my own personal bonus — You should really find something better to do with your time… like blogging! That would be fun!!

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