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The Quirky Kid Dossier

Part of the storyline in my life movie is raising a kid who isn’t (I hope you forgive me for using the ‘N’ word) normal. This means my son has more than the usual quirks, including bionic hearing and tactile superpowers. His social and emotional development certainly don’t follow the APA-approved guidelines, thus flagging him for suspicion of a whole host of fashionable disorders.

I’ve never been one to follow fashion. Ha.

Below is a list of links, all with your convenience in mind, of my path as a mother raising an out-of-the-box kid in a diagnosis-obsessed society.

Please bare with me as I continue to add links as time allows. One thing quirky kids are not is low-maintenance. You wouldn’t believe the number of phone calls from school I have to field. Or maybe you do know, and if that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

Also, I find it difficult to go through these old posts and revisit these dark shadows in my journey as a mother. I just went through only two months of archives and I’m emotionally tapped.

What I’m trying to say is this page may take a while to complete.

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