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Never A Dull Moment

September 21, 2009

First and foremost, oh my GOODNESS, y’all are awesome. I pretty much have the best readers, EVER. I canot thank you enough for all of your comments, thoughts, and emails…I was floored by the response, and it means a lot to me. Truly.

Also, I did not mean to freak anyone out with the password protected post… it’s just that it definitely posed a privacy risk, on many levels to a point… which is why I didn’t want that floating out there for anyone to come across randomly. If you still would like the password, email me up, and I’ll get back to ya. Promise. Moving on…

I’ve been a little MIA for a few reasons: one, I’ve been going through some difficult battles with my baby daddy (another story for another post) and been battling health issues, and two, is that this whole man-mess has been OOC (out. of. control.) But… that means I have STORIES! Right? Right. Awesome. So, since I feel like procrastinating right now, I’m going to update on all the craziness that has been happening. Deep breath. Here goes…

Van Gough: we’re better off being friends. I think part of his love for me is that I bring out that tortured artist side of him, and I’m continually an inspiration to him. I’m more of a muse to him, than love. And I’m okay with that… I don’t think in the day-to-day life we’d be good together. We’d be just…too…volatile together. And while there is a good to that, the flipside ain’t pretty. Either way, we’re happy with being in each other’s life in the place we’re at now. Thank you all for your helpful advice…I LOVE hearing your thoughts/opinions.

TomPettyBF: Ha. Well. This is a fun story. So, he comes and picks me up and we have a grand old time. I went into it thinking we’re just friends catching up, so you know, whatevs. We have dinner and drinks… and conversation is flowing. It’s like we never left each other… and since we know so much about each others lives, families, and friends, it’s just EASY to talk about everything. Well, we don’t want the conversation to end. So, rounds keep coming. at some point, we realize that “oh yeah, I have to be on the floor at 6.30 for my clinical rotation” and haha! you have to drive home! So, we wrapped things up and headed back to my place. Here’s where things get interesting… so we’re talking, laughing, and Barbie is all, uhhh friends? Likes me? WTF? And he lays down on my bed. So, OBVIOUSLY I do what any person would do, is lay down on my stomach next to him… not close, but close enough, what any person who is friends would do. AND THEN HE LEANS OVER AND KISSES ME. True story. Color me surprised. Really wasn’t expecting that one. So, we proceed to kiss for a little bit, and then he leaves. Did I mention he was leaving the next day for Europe? Yeah. That continent across the Atlantic. For work. For 21 days. Mmmhm, not worrying about that one for awhile.

ChixParm Boy: Um, so I never really gave him a name, but being that I spoke about him on zee blog, and had multiple dates with him, I figured I’d better give you a conclusion. This Is SO embarrasing. Male readers, feel free to skip this part. Seriously. So, we’ve been dating, and he’s gorgeous. I mean, smoking hot. SMOKING HOT. But, eh, is a player. Which I called him out on. However, he would always get mad and pick fights with me about how “he’s just a piece of meat to girls and wahwahwah and why can’t I see past his exterior, blahblahblah” You know, fine, whatever. I’ll give you a chance, but if everytime we hang out you get into a discussion about this, and pick a fight with me? No. Sorry. You’re exhausting. EXHAUSTING. And maybe I was at fault for being a bitch to him, because I was… but I’m just tired of the red flags. On the flip side, he is a good man. Because really, I don’t think many men would not even bat an eyelash of having to make a 4am 7-11 run to buy a box of tampons. When he’s not even your boyfriend. True story. Embarrasment, party of one? Right. Here. Either way… we talked and left things on a good note, but it’s just not going to work between us. And I’ll take the blame for that one. Because he was just so much… work. And I really don’t have time for that in my life right now. So… best of luck to ya chixparm, you’re hot, and hope you make some girl some happy. PEACE!

Starbucks Boy: So, yeah. I think part of the reason I was all “whatever” with chixparmboy was because of starbucks. I like him. I get giddy when I talk about him. It’s true, I do. But…like every man who I seem to fall for, there’s a catch. He’s moving to start his new job at the end of August. He just took the Bar, and now he’s leaving. Which I’m really not okay with. SO, being the typical girl, I talked myself down from the ledge on how I should not like him and just let it be and to get attached b/c HELLLO HE’S LEAVING. But damnit, that boy is making it hard not to. Especially when he says things like, “Grace…I’m only going to be 2 hours away. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be down here a LOT in September. You’re not getting rid of me.” And then he proceeds to bring me cheesecake from our date at the Cheesecake Factory, and give me a back massage…and then a foot massage because “oh G, you were standing all day in the OR…your feet must be killing you.” WIN. Also a win? The fact that he is so funny. And so sarcastic. And we just volley back and forth at each other. And OMG watched the movie the Hangover with him and can we just say that movie is HILARIOUS. And so is he. And I like him. Lots. But yeah. Who knows. I sure don’t.

So yes, that is the man update. It’s kinda hard to see that all typed out and realize that there’s still other MAJOR parts of my life going on despite that drama.

Okaaaay, I really need to go get some work done. But, seriously… a huge thanks and hugs to all you kickass readers out there; thanks for sticking with me…

I know sometimes I don’t make it easy.

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