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April 27, 2009

By the end of my marriage, I’d given up trying to have a G-spot orgasm; I thought maybe anatomically I couldn’t have one. But one night, post-divorce, that G-bomb came out of nowhere: KA-POWEE! It was a back-arching, soul-screaming Hallelujah!

Afterwards however, I was freaked out – AND embarrassed. Cause it happened with a man I hardly knew. I felt like I had just bled all over his sheets with my period or something. I mean I’d heard of women releasing extra large amounts of fluid when they orgasmed, but I thought it sounded FREAKY! In fact, I thought THEY were freaky!

Why NOW? I wondered in the aftermath. Why hadn’t it happened with my husband, someone I loved, or at least someone I’d dated more than twice?

I figured my age was a contributing factor. Or maybe it happened because I’d had a kid; perhaps something got shook loose in my uterus during childbirth? Or maybe, just maybe, it was because I was more in tune with my body. But that made no sense whatsoever – I was still reeling from my ex’s infidelity when it happened, not eating, not sleeping, smoking cigarettes…

But then a new thought zoomed in for landing:Maybe the why didn’t matter. It happened when it happened just because I was ready. Maybe I was simply meant to experience it for the ecstatic pleasure it gave me – period.”

All I knew for sure was that my body’s new talent thrilled me. If I’d remained married, where, by the end, my sexuality felt confined behind cold bars, I’d never have experienced anything close to this. Moreover, the timing of it suggested that there was more to me, more to my body, more to life than I’d ever imagined. What else what might life post-divorce unleash in me?

I’m not suggesting that orgasms are the be-all, end-all to all women. Nor am I saying they should be. But having recently read an online medical report that said 12% of women never reach any type of climax at all and 70% DON’T G-spot orgasm, I feel honored to be on the flip side of those stats. If I could bottle it up and sprinkle it all over womankind, I would. Cause my G-spot orgasms rank up there with my body’s miraculous ability to create life: they feel empowering. They are one more gem, one more valuable, incredible aspect of me that I now carry into the next chapter (and next bed) of my life.

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