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April 27, 2009

I have made the most wonderful discovery.

Sweet Carolina Tea Raspberry Flavored Vodka.

Cannot handle the deliciousness.


Especially when mixed with lemonade. LET ME REPEAT: SOOOOOOO GOOD.

I may or may not have had a few glasses. It’s that delish.

JESUS, MARY, and JOESEPH (and all the other apostles) this is AMAZiNG.

And in other news, I really have nothing to say except it’s going to be a long ass week and I’m gonna need some of this yummy vodka I speak of. Long as in boys’ sports, classroom functions, daily errands, laundry piling higher and higher, the sticky kitchen floor… okay, you get my drift.

Also, random: as I was driving along today I thought of a perfect blog topic. If you drive a ‘96 Pontiac Sunfire, scratch that, ANY CAR, and have so many stuffed animals in your rear dashboard you can barely see, yes, I will cut you off. And laugh at you.

Told you it was a random sidenote.

**This brought to you by said deliciousness**:


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