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Ouch! Guess He’s Not a Fan of my Blog.

April 18, 2009

This comment came into me today from the user, “Random Guy.” Instead of taking it as a personal attack, I’m throwing it out there to readers. What do YOU think?

Please stop me if I’ve misinterpreted from these blog entries:

Your “active dating life” really consists of running a pile of guys through an email/instant messaging mill . But you have no real intention of trying to actually meet 99.9% of the men who presumably contact your online profile with good intentions of trying to initiate a legitimate conversation.

You have no qualms about having a series of one-night-stands with random, anonymous men you’ve only know for a few hours or even a few minutes…? Cynicism biased toward those who actually would like to get to know who is behind the profile, but a relative tone of glee toward those who have little interest other than getting into your pants?

I’m not a social scientist, but that doesn’t exactly sound like the healthiest of dispositions. Why don’t you just outright admit that you want to be fucked six ways from Sunday in every salacious and dirty manner because you gain some esteem from being wanted in that way?

Save “dating” for when you are actually in a headspace that will allow you to contribute positively to a two-party, heterosexual adult relationship – the ones that usually start out with a coffee, maybe a walk, and, finally, a kiss? How many decent, stand-up guys have you discounted and potentially left with a “another hot, yet fucked-up chick” attitude? Not exactly a great potential legacy in a world that is supposedly more attuned to leaving a “small impact” or “footprint”.

You are simply contributing through your actions to the mass of game-playing that occurs out there. While your blog may be creating a positive environment in which women in similar situations can discuss these “issues”, it would be foolish to assume there is not an immense amount of collateral damage being created through this social experiment.

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