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Manners 101.

April 6, 2009

I had a very funny conversation with a couple of my nephews this weeked. I’ve noticed some behaviors, some habits that need to be refined. Like sitting with your legs splayed on the coffee table when we have company. Or just not sitting modestly, period. That’s a concept that has kind of fallen by the wayside, but I think that just because it’s not modern, it still applies.

So, we talked about all sorts of things manner related this week. How to hold conversation, how to handle yourself if you are asked on a date, how to reject someone gracefully, the rules of conversation. And how to sit.

I remember my parents taking us to fancy restaurants – the thought being that we needed to learn to behave ourselves appropriately – it wasn’t something that would magically happen when we turned 12. We learned to put our napkins in our lap, what to do when served a food you couldn’t eat, and how to order from a menu.

What kind of things do you wish you’d been taught? What was the number one thing that you were taught as a child/teen that has served you well, something that you might have scorned at the time but now appreciate? What one thing do you want your child/future children to know and keep in their hearts?

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