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I want to talk to you… then again, not so much.

April 6, 2009

My sister just revealed to me either the most idiotic or ingenious concept ever – the jury’s still out on this one. Pacific Bell has a calling system that allows you to call someone and go right to their voice mail without fear of them picking up the phone.

You, like me, may ask why such a system is necessary. After all, you call someone to talk, right? Wrong. Apparently (and I am guilty of this…) many people return calls out of obligation and have no desire to talk to anyone but would rather leave a message. So much is this a normalcy that this system came to fruition. But trust me when I say that a panacea it is not.

Case in point…

My sister needed to return several phone calls but really didn’t want to talk to anyone so, knowing about this calling feature, she decided to utilize it. Thing is, she OVER used it with regard to one woman who, also knowing about this calling feature, put two and two together and was ultimately offended. Truth is I’d be offended too is someone blatantly went out of their way to avoid me. Hence, I can’t decide if this is really conducive to what people need or not. Deceit isn’t excactly a characteristic we need to proliferate.

What say you?

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