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April 6, 2009

A couple days ago I was heading home on the highway after work, heading to meet some of my old coworkers for dinner. Traffic was letting up, we were all flying down the road and I was totally going to be at the restaurant with time to spare.

I rounded a curve and saw an unusual movement off to my left… on the shoulder, where cars generally aren’t. Without knowing why I slammed on my brakes and a split second later a black car spun in front of me, fishtailed across the three lanes of oncoming traffic, slammed into the beige car in the next lane from me and spun them both into the concrete median. The beige car, a sedan, was just a couple feet to my right and just stopped a few inches further than I had. If my car had been even three inches further when it stopped… there’s no way I would have made it through that accident. That black car and I were thisclose. The white blur to the left was a cargo van that had rolled over and other drivers, who had also been narrowly missed, were trying to pull the driver out.

Fortunately, it seemed like everyone involved was okay and I am soooo grateful that I had my brakes replaced recently.

Scary shit.

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