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Question For the Men

April 4, 2009

Men, during sex, would you like it if your woman called you “Daddy”during the act? How does that make you feel?

I was reading an article on talking dirty during sex that another blogger posted on her page (She’s a real freak but that’s beside the point) and it mentioned calling your man “Daddy”.

I’ve never called any of my boyfriends “Daddy”. It just never occurred to me. It just seemed weird to me that I would yell out “Oh Daddy!” during sex. I’ve also wondered if men felt weird sexing up some chick that’s calling him “Daddy”.

I know for some it’s a turn on but I want to know how the majority of the men feel about this. Do you like some woman whispering “Oh yeah Daddy” in your ear during sex?

Women, have you had men that actually got off on you calling him “Daddy”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Philip and Angelica Glassmeyer permalink
    April 11, 2009 4:34 am

    Yeah, that would not be cool.

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