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Helpful Hints from Little One

April 4, 2009

As most parents know, there is no such thing as “TMI” when it comes to kids.

So, I don’t know why I was surprised when Blake shared this helpful hint with me. Today, as we were heading home, I decided to share my intense need to take a whiz with my son and nephews. Yeah… I’m cool like that.

My comments ranged from, “Man! I really need to tee-tee!” to “I very well may have an accident before we make it home!” Classy Lady… your name is Momtourage.

It was then that Peanut (my son) felt the inclination to share his words of wisdom with me.

“When I need to tee-tee, I just grab onto my pee-pee and hold it.” (Yeah…we say pee-pee at the household…as the word penis would cause me to fall over in fits of hysterical laughter each time I uttered it.)

Undoubtedly, he became annoyed when I did not heed his advice and announced again of my desire to go.


To which I calmly informed him that I was not in possession of aforementioned pee-pee.

He thought for a minute and replied, “Well, just hold your booty then!”

There you go… problem solved!

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