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April 3, 2009

One of the things I have enjoyed about blogging over the years is meeting people who I would not otherwise meet if it weren’t for reading what they had to say online. There are some really smart, talented and creative people out there. I am constantly impressed with some of the blogs I have discovered and the people I have met over the years.

Since I have started writing here, I have reconnected with several people I lost touch with after I disappeared and shut down my personal blog 2 years ago. I am very excited to rediscover so many “old friends.”

Being a mother is a tough gig. I hate to even call it a “job” because it’s so much more than a job. No mother works 9-5 with 10 paid holidays and a 2-week vacation. A mother can’t say “take this job and shove it” and go to the Bahamas for a month (although isn’t that a great thought sometimes?).

Single mothers have an even tougher situation. Even if both parents are actively involved in their children’s lives, it’s much more difficult to be the only adult in the house raising a child. There’s no one to give you a break when you’re having a meltdown, there’s no one to take the kids outside to play when you need some quiet time, and there’s no shoulder to cry on late at night when you face a tough parenting decision.

I have found some exceptional parenting blogs over the years. I cannot say it enough — I am in awe of the talented writers who put themselves out there on the internet. The majority of parenting blogs seem to be written by women who are married and raising their children together with their spouse. I enjoy reading all these blogs, but I’d like to discover a few more single moms out there who face some of the unique and difficult challenges I have faced as a single mother.

Are you a single mother or a parent blogger going through a divorce? I’d love to know about your blog or online journal. If you know of any single moms out there writing about their parenting experiences, leave a link to their blog in the comments or email me a link to their website and I’ll start highlighting them here.

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