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April Fool’s 80’s Day, baby!

April 1, 2009

I am having a blast over at CafeMom today. For April Fool’s, we are having 80’s Day. I have some of the fun links below or you can check out my post about favorite 80’s videos. My fave, hands down, is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Food & Party: Have You Tried New Coke?
Toddler: Product Review: Smurf-Berry Crunch Cereal
Beauty & Style: Banana Clips: Hot New Hair Accessory!
Baby: New Car Safety Rage: Baby on Board Signs!
Why I Loved the 80’s

I was dating my high school and post-high school love, Alex. I am happy in my life but when I think back to 1985-1980, I think about him.

I drove a Jeep for part of the 80’s, drove a T-Top mustang (just like Charlie’s Angels, LOL)

Watching VHS Tapes

Pee Wees Big Adventure

I was living under the same roof as my best friend’s family.

Did you love the 80’s?

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