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March 28, 2009

Things of interest, a la bullet point form:

“It’s OK, we go way back”. Yes, this was my favorite quote explaining to my work friends about the 4 gentleman I was rotating back and forth between hanging out with at the bar….in all fairness, we did go way back. Some I went to highschool with, some I met a few months ago, and one, was the highschool ex of one of my best friends (short lived, non serious romance.)

Shots. Lemon Drops, Jolly Ranchers, aka “F*cking Delicious” and copious amounts of vodka based drinks.

Dancing. There was a stage. And I owned it. And yes, this was at the bar I used to work at. Let me just state for the record that everyone was shocked because I NEVER go out anymore, and they have never seen me be “blogging FUN barbie” before. They liked it. Don’t worry, I refrained from dancing on top of the bar.

Late night EatNPark session. Who doesn’t love hanging out with new found friends and eating chicken fingers and french fries at 3am. No one. That’s who.

Texting. I believe this sums up my night perfectly: to one of my girls, sent at 3.23am: “Home. st6ries.rtat.5ouer.cann6ot text. fuc2ck.” Classic.

And on more adult-like notes:

Also, the “Restricted” number called again on Friday night. Twice. I missed the calls….no message, and an hour apart. 9.30pm and 10.21pm. WTF.

Totally random: Taylor Swift is all kinds of amazing. I love her new CD fearless- it’s been on repeat….for 19? Homegirl is wise beyond her years. Highly recommend it.

All in all, life is chugging along, and can I state for the weather the SUNSHINE and the SPRING has put me in such a great mood?! Love it.

Happy weekend friends, hope it’s a great one for you. Also, thanks for such awesome feedback about the dress. You, too, can don that frock. It’s available at your nearest White House Black Market store, for (I think) $168. And for the record, it still fits.



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