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Single moms and the men who love us.

March 20, 2009

I want to bring your attention to another great comment that came in recently…this one’s from Finch, one of nearly 500 men who have now read my post on “How to Date a Single Mom”.

Dating a single mom never even crossed my mind until my current relationship just fell into my lap. Now I couldn’t be happier. We’ve only been dating two months and I’ve already fallen hard for her. And her three-year-old daughter? Icing on the cake! This relationship actually made me realize I love kids! And yes, one thing I love about her more than anything is the complete lack of bullshit games that younger women typically play. I’m not looking at a fake plastic mask, I’m looking at her. Just her. That’s a bigger turn-on than anything. – Finch

I just absolutely LOVE this. It proves my point – that when the right guy comes along, the fact that you’re a single mom doesn’t mean squat. It might be harder on us (for reasons they can’t really understand) but for them – we’re pretty damn hot. Check this out … Yahoo Personals polled men on what makes a single mom so sexy. Here are some of the reasons:

1. She’s strong.
2. She’s not going to gamble her child’s happiness on just any man – so by dating you, she’s paying you a compliment.
3. When you do get together, she’ll make it worth your while.
4. She enjoys her time out more than women who can come and go as they please.
5. No spur of the moment dates – you have to plan. But planning entails anticipation…and that’s cool.

See? Isn’t that nice to hear?

I think one of the best reasons about being a single mom is this – we get to weed out the jerks, quickly. Whether we want them to or not – the players run away screaming while the good guys stick around. Pretty sweet bonus for all of our hard work, don’t you think?

Now, this sexy single mama has to get back to cleaning. My damn blogging addiction… oh, and I have a new sweepstakes coming up. More on that later…

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