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More Evidence of Which Team He’ll Be Playing For In the Future

March 18, 2009

After putting on jammies and before stories and prayers and songs, during a quick game of Pinchy Bottom (yes, it’s all very intellectual and Word World-like around here), Lil B grabbed my booty back (hey, all cheeks are fair game).

And then came the reflection upon life so far (or life, half way to second grade).

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” This is how I know something profound is coming.

“Yes, baby?” This is how he knows I’m on full alert for that profound stuff.

“I like your booty because it is big and soft like your boobs.” And there it was.


So maybe next time we just go straight from jammies to stories, huh?

In case you’re wondering: I know, I know. It appears as if the child is obsessed with boobage. This is absolutely possible. It’s also possible that I focus on the ta-ta stuff because I am just so glad to have the reprieve from constant boy-part conversation.

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