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The Simple Life, My Dream

March 17, 2009

Many dream of owning big mansions with an ocean view, vacation homes in different parts of the country, a garage full of luxury vehicles, annual world tours and ivy league education for their children. I dream for none of those; except the good education for my son; because I don’t need a huge house full of strangers cleaning up after me. I just need 1 car to get around and drive my son to wherever he wants to go. There are plenty of places in the Philippines worth seeing, and saving up for one makes it the more worthwhile. More money will not make me happy. Yes, it will make life more comfortable; but I have seen money destroy relationships. Having more money will buy me company, but it will not build real bonds with people around me.

I dream of having a medium sized home, with just enough room for my family to move around; but crowded enough for us to see each other often. I want a 2nd floor family room that opens up to a small balcony, where we can watch TV, do homework, play video games and just hang out together. I’d like a big kitchen where I can cook meals for my family, install a small arts & crafts corner for myself and maybe even a cupboard for my computer and books. Our living room will open up to a patio and a backyard full of orchid, flowering plants and herbs. Our garage will house 1 car, so that we will learn to rely on each other, enabling us also to manage our time more efficiently.

We’ll save up for out of town or transatlantic trips, so that my son will learn the value of money. These trips will be better appreciated by my family because we all chipped in. We’ll see places that have cultural and historical value, and not just white sandy beaches crowded with people. We’ll eat delicacies we would never dream of eating back home, be adventurous and take nature hikes. We’ll go on eco-friendly vacations because I want to be aware of what’s happening to different ecosystems in the world. Of course, we’ll take plenty of pictures so that we can look back and wander at the things we saw and experienced.

My son can have pets, as many as he wants, as long as he is able to take care of them. This will teach him to be responsible and learn to care for animals. He will take up a course that he truly loves, and not one that is demanded by the economy. He’ll grow up, look back at the life we had, and feel content at having lived through a wonderful childhood. He will, in turn, create a home similar to one that I have provided for him. His wife will want for nothing; for my son will be hardworking, loving and a loyal partner. My grandkids will come and visit me often for I will be the cool grandma; the one with exciting stories, able to answer all their questions, and the woman they will look up to as a role model.

I will want for nothing because I have done right by my family. Isn’t that what living a meaningful life is all about?

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