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The Power of Two Jeans.

March 12, 2009

So today I was rummaging through my closet, getting ready for the day, and I realized that there are no two pieces of clothing more important to a woman then her skinny jean and her fat jean. Of course there are the bitches out there that have stayed the same size since high school, but they are so not the norm. The skinny jean can make your day. When you button that top button, and zip up that zipper without a muffin top to be seen, you feel so freaking beautiful. You feel like you can take on the world.

The fat jean can work on the upside too. It can make you feel skinny on a bloated day. Even though it’s a size bigger, it still makes a woman feel skinny when there’s some extra area in the waist and legs. It’s all a mental state. If my ass isn’t filling the whole jean, I’m feeling pretty good. However, this jean can cause a bad day too, a really, really dark and gloomy day.

Which leads me to the reason I brought up this topic; today was a very, very bad day. My fat jeans were tight on me. The muffin top was just getting oh so slight on top of the fat jeans, and it sucks! I feel gross, I feel fat, and I feel like sitting in my house with a gallon of ice cream, and some girlie movies. I just don’t understand it. I feel my best when I’m working out, watching what I eat, and my skinny jeans look great. So why do I fall off the wagon? Why do I eat like crap when it doesn’t make me feel good? Why don’t I eat a carrot when I feel the skinny jeans getting a little tight? I’m the type of person who rewards myself after losing 10 pounds. Yeah, so we’re supposed to do that. However, the goal is to ultimately stop rewarding yourself, so another 10 will be lost. I somehow forget that part, and keep up the rewarding.

Today is another day, another day to drudge through with the fat jeans and get back into my sweats when I get home. The comfort and the happiness of the sweats makes you forget all about the fact that the skinny and fat jeans even exist. Maybe I’ll go for a run. Ha, who am I kidding? I’ll go for the bottle of wine to drown my sorrows and start the diet tomorrow.

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