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March 12, 2009

I got a ticket the other day. Yes. My third in 2 months, but who’s counting. Oh, that’s right – the insurance company. But this one was special because I had my niece and son with me and I showed them (well, not exactly my son) the power of a sparkling smile and a great pair of tits mixed with a cute giggle. Because it’s never too early to learn the power of the mixture she genetically got dealt.

I was doing 78 in a 50. He nailed me from under the bridge on Leetsdale on the way to Highlands Ranch.

I pull over, he walks up, I immediately apologize for speeding and blame it on my iPod because it was playing my theme song. Then he asks what my theme song is (well, it’s Bitch by Meredith Brooks) I didn’t want to say bitch to the cop, so I simply said, “It’s a song by Meredith Brooks.”

He takes my info back to his car and I’m feeling totally screwed. But when he walks back up he hands me over a warning that my inspection sticker is out! Then says, “I think you need to change your theme song. You’ve been quite a pleasure to deal with.”

He knew the song! And I totally got out of that ticket!

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