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I Can Smell A Cheater A Mile Away…

March 11, 2009

I was at a public swimming pool with my son and nephews, playing in the toddler section. A great big bucket of water above us was almost full and teetering to tip. The kids squealed and we all huddled in, arms entwined, heads down…till finally, the much-anticipated water crashed over our heads and backs.

Laughing, I scooted back on my bum and pushed my long drenched hair out of my face.

And that’s when I met his eyes.

He was sitting about ten feet away on a shelf in deeper water, arms outstretched to his sides. Dark hair, muscular chest, maybe 40. And he was staring. Not looking, not laughing, but staring.

Our gaze broke when my four-year-old suddenly jumped on top of me. I continued playing with her and laughing…and I could feel his eyes on me. I looked over at him again – and yes, he wasn’t looking, he was staring.

“Mom, can you get me a life-jacket so we can play in the deep water?” My six year old asked.
I looked over at the life-jackets strung on hooks poolside. Figures I wore my bikini today. “Of course honey,” I replied, standing up in the shallow water. I felt naked as I pulled myself out of the water.

Two minutes later, in another section of the pool, he suddenly appeared about five feet away from me. Jesus, he’s following me! Pretty brazen! This time, when our eyes met, he smiled. Holy shit he’s cute! I smiled back and my stomach fluttered. Then, How bad is this to be ‘picking up’ when I’m out for a family swim!!! Off I went on flipper boards with my kids, thinking Yeah, I’m open to talking to this guy…

Over the next ten minutes, I found myself looking around to see where he was …and he was always close by and looking/smiling at me. I also saw him playing with a little boy, maybe three-years-old. Must be a divorced dad with weekend visitation, I thought. I love watching men play with kids….

Then, a woman appeared.

She stood at the side of the pool talking to him. He handed her his son and pulled himself out of the water. I watched them interact…how his demeanor changed, how he focused on her.
Shocked, I thought: Holy fuck. This guy is married!

I shook my head in disgust and continued playing with my kids. Still, I remained a bit bewildered; this guy had been sending me the vibe BIG TIME; unmistakably. And his wife had been in the same room the whole time!

I then thought back to when I married and all the times we’d gone public swimming with our children. And I wondered how many women my ex had brazenly stared at when my back was turned; you know – back when I thought we were sharing wonderful “family time.”

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