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Attack of the Redneck Mommy…

March 8, 2009

So today, I’m cruising through the grocery store with 6 kooky boys in tow… oh, not to mention they are shoeless and not dressed according to the weather. I had just picked them up from my sister’s house and I didn’t want to wait around so I told them all to jump in the car and we just left not knowing I needed to hit good ole Queen Soopers. Anyways… we’re walking down the fruit/veggie area and Trystan screams “Ma, catch” as he throws an apple at my FACE… wanting to play some baseball, apparently.

We got through the store about an hour later, with $480 worth of groceries. Shoot me. Just when an old lady stopped me and said “why don’t you take your kids back to the trailer park” and I turned and said “we are headed there right now, thank you” and went on my way… something I am not known to do. I usually fire back something rude and witty.

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