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Daycare Ladies: A Tribute to My Better Halves

March 5, 2009

I call Blake’s daycare at least once a day to check on him. Is this weird? Am I one of the only parents who calls…or does everyone call? I can’t help it. I have to call every day. And when I pick him up and drop him off… I linger, talking it up with the daycare ladies. Why? Because we’re talking about Blakester.

It’s dawned on me recently (funny how things like this dawn on you three years in) that I have no one to talk to about Blake. There is no one else who knows my son as intimately as I do.

* These ladies are the closest thing I’ve got.

When I call I get the stats on his day. “He’s been asleep for an hour, he ate nearly all of his lunch and that’s about it, he’s doing just great!” But even though it’s the same conversation every day – nearly verbatim – I keep calling. I pick him up and we go on and on about all of his quirky little habits and cute new words or phrases. And since he started daycare this past fall I’ve noticed something – they’re all falling in love with him. He’s just such an amazing little guy – who wouldn’t? And when they told me one morning, “B is one of our favorites now!” I was SO excited. “Thank God,” I thought, “because other than me – you’re it.”

* Blake’s father has him for 36 hours a week and never calls in between. That aside, he does love his son deeply. And he may know him intimately…but our conversations are brief and few and far between.

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