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What makes him so irresistable?

March 4, 2009

Just floating thoughts in my head of what makes a man sexy (to a single mom, and therefore eventually to all women because most of us will be mothers). This man, by the way, is a figment of my imagination. And while I have dated different men who possessed at least one or more of these qualities I have yet to find the entire package.

But there’s definitely still hope – major hope! I’ll never lose that. If I compared this to my Sexy list pre-Blake days I think there would have been some big differences.

So here goes…

My Top 10 Things that Make a Man Sexy

1. The sight of him doing the dishes, sweeping the floor or mopping. Seriously, works like a charm.

2. Even better, him repairing broken things around the house or assembling Christmas toys or new furniture without complaint.

3. Making me laugh.

4. The simple worn flannel shirt never fails.

5. Boxer briefs or boxer shorts – NOT tightie whities (this, I believe, is universal).

6. Picking up the check but having the confidence to let me grab it every once in a while.

7. Creative play ideas for kids (this is THE real winner).

8. Ability to express emotion and feelings without losing his cool.

9. Just a subtle splash of cologne (don’t kill me please).
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