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Moral Dilemma

March 4, 2009

What happened:

Event 1: Blake and I are invited to a baptism. It’s his first time in a church. I’m worried we will spontaneously combust upon entering. Unfortunately, we don’t.

Event 2: Shortly after the baptism begins and at the most inopportune moment, Blake runs on a church pew in his new and very loud cowboy boots.

Event 3: Three people sit on that same pew two minutes later. They are small people and also happen to be the parents of the baby being baptised.

Event 4: The pew splits down the middle with a loud – CRACK.

Event 5: As soon as the exit is clear, I drag Blake out of there. No more church for us, that’s for sure.

The moral dilemma:

Do I call the church and offer to pay for the church pew?

I feel really, really bad. And yes, I know, my son is hard to control. He’s just as feisty as his mother. Clearly we need to spend more time in quiet places…

Oh, like say, on an AIRPLANE.

For a CROSS COUNTRY FLIGHT to California.

I am petrified. Completely and totally.

Travel tips from seasoned parents would be appreciated.

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