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Night and Early Morning…

November 12, 2008

Do you ever sit down at your computer to write and you just stare for a while? That’s just what happened to me. I couldn’t think how to start, but then I did and now I’m on track. Random. I know. But this is ramblings on a Tuesday so there!

These last few weeks I have had a few things stirring in my mind. Oh! But first I wanted to say…HAPPY VETERANS DAY! Please take a moment to honor those that have fought and are fighting for our country. I don’t know if any of you have seen that movie “Stop Loss”, but it was so touching for me and gave me a better insight into a soldiers life. I just wish there was another way besides war, but that is another subject that is not included in my ramblings for today. Maybe another time.

Well, my first rambling is to share with you that I really enjoy the night time. In my younger days it was a time associated with partying and my social life. Now I rarely leave the house after 9pm. Seriously. Where do I have to go that late at night?! So, one night after dinner, Blake and I had to go return a DVD to the library. I let him go in his pajama’s and he brought along his blankies. Stepping out into the night air felt so different. I love the way no matter what the air at night is always clear and crisp to me. Along our 3 block walk we pointed out the stars and the moon to each other. Blake kept asking me why the moon was following him! And he just kept pointing up to the sky, “Look! Mooooon!” Explaining the night time to him gave me a different perspective on it. To some the night is just that–night time, time to sleep, or just routine. But looking at the night through Blake’s eyes made the night magical. It allowed me to take a deep inhale and when I exhaled I felt like me. I don’t know how to explain it, but the night air just gives me a lightness like a weight is taken off my shoulders. I also realized that along with the very early morning (because it has the same crisp cool feeling) I really like the night time too. I guess subconsciously I liked to go out in college so much at night because I really enjoyed the magic of the night! HA!

My next rambling just so happens to be about the early morning. I really need my time in the early morning to prepare myself for the day. I know that if I wake up between 5am and 6am I will have a couple hours at most to shower, eat, do chores, blog and have some coffee without having to tend to the every need of my son…just yet. It really is no offense to anyone that I like my time alone in the morning. Blake always says he wants to wake up with me, but I’m not sure I would like that. Him getting up at 7am works for me! Now don’t get me wrong. I love my family, but if I don’t have time alone to just be me then I notice I have a little less patience and I feel like I’m being rushed around in the morning. It is in his best interest that I have my time in the morning.

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