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Intelligence at its Finest, Part Deux

November 12, 2008

Sooooo, I finally received the “I can’t believe I got an F in the class” email from the plagarism girl. I knew it was coming, but seriously, give me a fucking break. You are really “confused” as to why you got an F… Let me enlighten you – and without ONE ounce of sarcasm (it was damn hard).

Your final paper was taken directly, in its total entirety, from a website. In short, it was not your original work – and even though it was a biography and therefore required you to cite some sources, you did not provide any sources. Essentially copying and pasting a paper and turning it in as your own work is considered plagarism and warrants an automatic 0 as well as notification to the English department. You will be contacted regarding this matter and will have the opportunity to discuss it with him and the School English Division Head.

How many ways can you spell out “Plagarism” for those of weak mind? And, can I say, DUH!!

Also, you missed 3 classes, which, based on the syllabus lowers your grade byone full letter. I did allow you to count your retaken exam – which, based onthe syllabus, you needed to notify me of your absence due to sickness beforeyou missed (which you never did) and then provide a drs note (also, neverreceived).

I’m a nice professor, what can you say? Well, really, I figured I would never see the dr’s note and knew that she would end up going down one letter grade anyway. I did send her a reminder about the note, though. Having kids has made me soft.

If you have questions regarding the academic policies mentioned above, I would refer to the Course Catalog as well as my syllabus. I enjoyed having you in class and was very disappointed at the outcome, especially in terms of the paper.

Actually, I did enjoy having her in class and no one really likes to see a student get an F in the easiest class EVER… HELLOOOOO… It’s music appreciation. She was the ONLY one of 9 students that knew something about bands/music other than Good Charlotte, Martina McBride, and *gulp* the Dukes of Hazzard Soundtrack. YEEHAW.

Surprisingly, I got a response. Note the horrible misspellings (hence why I was suspicious about a paper using “incalculable,” lack of caps (I kind of loathe that in emails, fine for your friends, but to your PROFESSOR? – that’s why there’s a SHIFT button, friends), and well, total groveling. Note to self: When groveling, NEVER tell someone you were actually trying to PULL ONE OVER on him/her. That will usually cancel out any groveling attempts.

Well i cant say i dont understand anymore, that was a very bad move with no excuses. I was not prepared for writing an essay and did last minute thinking it would be fine, unnoticed, which was very nieve of me. Im so sorry for dissapointing you and i’m prepared for taking the consequences i put on myself. Im very embarassed and i dont know what else to say except i am sorry for showing you the bad side of me and thinking that you would not notice <– Nice – thanks for thinking I’m an idiot. I respect you as a person and teacher <– Um, obviously not, see previous sentence. and understand that is your job and i appoligize for taking advantage of your kindness in class. I did not show my respect very well. I beleive i even owe you a dollar. <– I lent a few students a dollar for a soda on our “movie” day; again, way too nice. I hope you have a nice and magical holiday Awww.. Magical Holiday LOL and who knows, i may beable <– Shit, is that one word? I’ve been making it two my whole life… to pay you back if we end up being in the same class again together.

And, there you have it. PS – I have been spelling plagiarism wrong… Maybe I am an idiot. LOL
Enough drama for one day, wouldn’t you say?

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