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Who Gives a Shit About Mommy Blogs Anyway?

November 10, 2008

With all the crap about mommy blogs and the ladies that write them thrown around at this year’s Blogher conference, I figured I had to hear what Ayun had to say about it. Sure, we felt the love, but there was a decent amount of shit going around – not necessarily from those sans-kids folks (although they did take a couple cracks at it), but also from some mommy bloggers themselves. *GASP*. Didn’t you know? We’re all really rabid animals with hormones shooting out of our asses vying for pole position.

You know what I think about it *cough UNDERMINING cough.* Disagreement is one thing, but trying to take one down like a bad middle school wrestling match is another.

Read on people. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Mommy Blogs.

All of them have value as a document of the child’s life, and of the mother’s life with the child. They’re also all viable creative outlets. There’s nothing like a pleasurable ongoing creative assignment to help a stressed-out mother keep her wig on straight. Like Mommy zines, which are sprouting like mushrooms, the majority hold little interest for those outside the immediate family, but so what?

A woman who I would describe as a friend-of-a-friend-whom-I-may-have-met-once-and-don’t-remember recently gave birth. Well before the actual event, she started sending out these sprawling email epistles, updates on the pregnancy, the sonogram, the color of the nursery walls…now she covers the baby’s sleep habits, dietary developments and visits to the pediatrician in exhaustive detail. She didn’t seek my permission before adding me to her subscriber list, and the few bulletins I’ve skimmed have proved less than captivating but SO WHAT? Of course it’s the biggest thing in her life and of course she assumes the whole world is interested! What would be the point in me telling her to shut up, that it’s boring, that I don’t even know her or her baby, so why would I care?

That’s really the only thing that bothers me about Mommy Blogs, the nasty comments they invariably attract. Ordinary citizens should not be pilloried for daring to celebrate or consider the impact of motherhood on their lives, especially when they offer their observations in a free medium that can be switched off, unread. I’m all for the First Amendment, but in this situation, I feel distressed that the Internet renders it so easy to exercise it without manners or the milk of human kindness.

Not surprisingly, the crème of the Mommy Blogs, the ones whose authors have such an idiosyncratic point of view, dedicated posting schedule and feature such an appealing cast of attract the most vicious comments. I guess that’s why they’re popular, but I couldn’t hack all that criticism, even if it wasn’t directed at me, but at other commenters/readers of the blog. And yet, I park my sorry carcass at D-listed when I’m supposed to be making dinner for my son. Go figure.

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